Why should you book through a Luxurious Getaways Co. Luxury Travel Advisor? Learn why we will always guarantee a better travel experience over American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts (FHR).

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Posted on
October 19, 2023
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Luxurious Getaways Co.
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"Why should I book my hotel with Luxurious Getaways Co. when I can simply make reservations through Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts (FHR)?"

This is a question we encounter time and again at Luxurious Getaways Co., and it's a valid one.

Many travelers wonder: 

  • Aren't the hotel perks the same with Amex? 
  • How does the 5x points on all American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) bookings compare to other options to book?
  • What truly sets booking with Luxurious Getaways Co. apart from the rest? 

Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Keep reading to discover why you should book with a Luxurious Getaways Co. luxury travel advisor instead of Amex to ensure the best booking and travel experience for your next trip.

Number 1: Luxurious Getaways Co. offers an immensely personalized booking experience

Pictured: The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas. Currently offering 4th night free + free airport transfers + Our Four Seasons Preferred Benefits

When you choose a Luxurious Getaways Co. Advisor to arrange your travels, you're collaborating one-on-one with passionate individuals who invest the time to comprehend your travel preferences, requirements, and financial parameters. 

This allows them to provide personalized suggestions and assistance at every stage of your journey. When it comes to booking hotels, Luxurious Getaways Co. Advisors go to great lengths to match you with the ideal accommodations and enhance your stay with added perks such as complimentary breakfast, property credits, and free nights.

Selecting Amex's Fine Hotels + Resorts (FHR) – the brand's specialized booking platform – may entail sacrificing some of that personalized service. In contrast, when you partner with Luxurious Getaways Co., you gain access to a dedicated trip specialist who will guide you through every step, from the initial booking process to the day of your arrival and throughout your stay. You can reach out to them directly through text messages, emails, or phone calls. This continuous support guarantees that you are optimizing the enduring value of your relationship with your travel advisor, ensuring even the most minute details are meticulously looked after.

Moreover, navigating the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts (Amex FHR) service often entails enduring lengthy holds before reaching a customer service representative. With Amex boasting a massive team of nearly 7,000 agents, the promise of seamless continuity is a rare occurrence.

Need your suite to be located adjacent to another room? Consider it done. Require an airport transfer during the busiest days of the Olympics? Not an issue. Need help getting into a top restaurant? We got this.

These meticulous details and attentive considerations are absent when employing Amex's services.

Number 2: Luxurious Getaways Co. clients enjoy high priority for room upgrades

Image: Claridge's, London, United Kingdom. A proud member of Virtuoso, offering exclusive Virtuoso Value-Added Perks.

Undeniably, Amex offers perks like complimentary breakfast and up to $200 in resort credit. 

However, here's a secret we'll share: 

By booking through Luxurious Getaways, you not only enjoy the same perks as booking through Amex, but you also receive additional benefits such as priority for room upgrades. 

This means that if there are any room upgrades available at your chosen hotel, you will be given priority over other guests, ensuring that you have a higher chance of securing a better room.

Compared to Amex's offerings, Luxurious Getaways Co. goes a step further by providing you with this advantage. This can greatly enhance your overall travel experience, as a room upgrade can offer more space, better views, or additional amenities, making your stay even more enjoyable and luxurious.


Because the travel industry revolves around fostering relationships. And we have more of them than Amex. Much more.

Although Amex offers benefits to cardholders at approximately 2,300 hotels, the relationship with many Amex travel agents is still superficial. 

In contrast, our deep-rooted relationships with over 4,000 hotels worldwide allow us to negotiate exclusive rates and perks for our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible value for their travel investment. We personally communicate with every hotel for our client before, during, and after to ensure that they are going above and beyond for our clients.

Moreover, our team of experienced travel advisors work closely with our hotel partners to ensure our clients receive personalized attention and VIP treatment during their stay. 

From room upgrades to special amenities, we go above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations.

At our core, we believe that travel is not just about the destination, but the journey. And we strive to create unforgettable experiences for our clients every step of the way.

But there’s more:

The advantages extend beyond upgrades. 

Luxurious Getaways Co. is part of virtually every major preferred partner program, including Four Seasons Preferred, Hilton Impresario, Hyatt Privé, IHG Luxury and Lifestyle, and Virtuoso Travel. Don’t see what you are looking for? Let us know and we will see what exclusive offer we can put together. 

Gaining entry into preferred partnerships is no facile feat – these exclusive, invitation-only initiatives have been cultivated by hotels to reward agencies that consistently furnish superior, high-value clients. 

Individuals referred by Luxurious Getaways Co. and other preferred travel agencies often choose higher room categories, spend more extensively on-site, and demonstrate heightened loyalty compared to other avenues. As someone who benefits from this impressive track record, you enjoy the rewards.

This means:

By booking a hotel through Luxurious Getaways, you not only get priority over Amex Platinum for room upgrades, but you also become part of an exclusive partnership program. 

This makes you a top priority for the hotel and a designated VIP even before you arrive. As a result, you can expect exceptional service that goes beyond the norm.

Sitting on a surplus of American Express Points and unsure of how to make the most of them? We're here to assist. Feel free to reach out to us at booking@luxuriousgetawaysco.com, and we'll be delighted to help.

Number 3: Booking with Luxurious Getaways Co. is like having a close friend taking care of everything for you

Booking with a Luxurious Getaways Co. Luxury Travel Advisor offers an additional major advantage over Amex:

You always have a partner who takes care of everything - even the uncomfortable things.

Our Advisors have direct interactions with hotels, allowing them to verify reservations, ensure meticulous arrangements, and offer solutions in the event of unexpected issues during your travels.

You won't have to deal with long exchanges with corporate entities or frustrating waits on hold with customer service representatives. In fact, we provide 24/7 SOS services to our clients to ensure that you are never without an answer to your pressing travel needs.

No need to worry about a thing. Simply relax and allow us to take care of everything else.

This level of attention and personalization is crucial when planning complex journeys or those that require intricate logistics (such as safaris) or on-site arrangements (such as tours and transfers).

You won’t find that at Amex’ FHR.

Number 4: By booking with a Luxury Travel Agency, you are supporting a small business

Last but not least…

With your booking through Luxurious Getaways, you’re supporting a small business.

This holds numerous advantages. For example: 

  • You are directly contributing to the growth and sustainability of local entrepreneurs and their dreams. 
  • Small businesses frequently provide a more personalized and distinctive experience, granting you the opportunity to savor a more intimate and tailor-made vacation.
  • You are helping to strengthen local economies and communities, creating jobs and fostering a sense of belonging.

So now… When should I book with Amex?

Don’t worry. We get it. Each member of our Luxurious Getaways Co. team is also an American Express cardholder, and we highly appreciate the benefits offered by American Express.

Amex boasts a commendable points program, lounge access, and an array of perks that resonate with us as cardholders.

Our recommendation: Reserve your flights through Amex to accumulate points for other expenses – yet, entrust your hotel reservations to a Luxurious Getaways Co. Advisor.

Do you have more questions? Check our FAQs to get them answered. Don’t see what you are looking for, email us at booking@luxuriousgetawaysco.com

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